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Creating a Better Life

For companion animals
and those who love them

Be a Pet-Friendly Agency

PAWS helps community agencies such as senior facilities and women’s, youth, and homeless shelters, integrate animal companions within their provided services.

PAWS helps people and pets who need it most

PAWS is a registered charity helping pets who would otherwise not get vet care. Our programs support urgent treatment and preventive care such as spay, neuter and vaccinations. We help families keep pets healthy and reduce the number of unwanted pets on the street, surrendered or euthanized.

We are not involved in policing or investigating animal abuse! Call Provincial Animal Welfare Services 1-833-926-4625.  In an emergency, call 911. 

PAWS Programs - people and pets

Our Programs

Subsidies for Vet Care – we help fund medically necessary veterinary care for companion animals.

Education focused on Prevention – advice aimed at improved welfare of companion animals, decreased incidence and severity of untreated issues, and reduced overall cost of pet ownership.

Guidance for Pet-Friendly Community Agencies – assist agencies wishing to create pet-friendly solutions for their programs and shelters.

Happy Tales

Rufus and Kayla

A recurring illness can bring hefty medical bills. But Rufus and Kayla tackled both the illness and its expenses, with a little help from PAWS.

Rosie and Angela

Breeding dog saved - thanks to Angela and PAWS. Adorable Rosie now thrives in a loving home. Her favourite spot is on Angela's lap.

Piper and Laurie

Like far-too-many partners fleeing domestic abuse, Laurie was afraid to leave her beloved 10 year-old canine companion Piper behind, even if it meant putting her own life in jeopardy by staying.

Donations Make the Difference

Ontario families are facing terrible choices – Help us ensure that pets don’t have to be surrendered or euthanized for purely financial reasons.

Your donation to PAWS:

  • Keeps pets with people despite personal hardship
  • Reduces unwanted births and surrenders to shelters
  • Reduces medically unnecessary euthanasia
  • Reduces animal suffering and cost by treating illness promptly
  • Limits spread of illness via preventive vaccinations

Your Support Helps People Struggling With: cost of living for food and housing, mental or physical health issues, loss of job / reduced income, family crisis or domestic violence, major unexpected circumstances such as fire or flood, etc.

By helping those in poverty, mental turmoil or fleeing violence, we lift up our community.

Animal Companions and People: Better Together

There's well-documented evidence of the benefit of pets for people - better physical health, mental health, children’s development, and active engagement in the community. companionship & reduced loneliness, structure in one's day, an opportunity to meet people, increased exercise, reduced stress, boosted optimism and reduced depression. A loving pet means the world to every pet owner!

If Your Pet Needs Vet Care

PAWS subsidizes the costs of veterinary care for pet-owners who meet qualifications. We will ask you to pay what you’re able so our limited funds can help more families.

Step 1 – Read our Application Criteria to see if you qualify for help with:

  • spays, neuters and vaccinations
  • blood tests and diagnostics
  • treatment for infections, injuries, blockages, minor surgery
  • required treatment for pets of people entering a shelter
  • guidance for community agencies wanting to be pet-friendly


woman pet and happy child

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Did you know?



the approximate number of households in Ontario that both have an animal and live in poverty


of low income families who surrender their pets do so because they lack the funds to pay for veterinary care


of women experiencing domestic violence delay leaving a dangerous home because of concern for their pets
PAWS has been an active nonprofit in Southwest Ontario for 10+ years helping hundreds of people and their beloved animal companions. Registered charity #827126285 RR0001

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