For companion animals


and those who love them

We help animal companions and their people

PAWS enables access to vet care when people and pets need it most.

Many Ontario families are facing terrible choices when their beloved animal companions get sick. Through collaboration with vet clinics, and  community agencies, we subsidize the costs of veterinary care for animals that would otherwise have to be surrendered or euthanized for purely financial reasons.

PAWS provides the only publicly-accessible programs to assist low income and in-crisis Ontarians with access to care for their animal companions.

  • Enable families to stay together through crisis and health issues, regardless of income level
  • Reduce surrenders of animals to shelters
  • Reduce medically unnecessary euthanasia
  • Reduce animal suffering and future cost by treating illness promptly
  • Reduce the number of unwanted births via proactive spay/neuters
  • Prevent spread of illness via preventive vaccinations

We can improve the long term outlook for families affected by poverty, mental health issues, domestic violence, or family crises. Our donors understand the importance of animal companions and want to ease the stress and heartbreak of being unable to cover the cost of pet care. By helping those in poverty, mental distress or fleeing violence, we lift our entire community up.

We subsidize care when and where it's most needed

When we're sad or lonely, pets comfort us

Pets give so much. Let’s give a hand when they need it!

Many circumstances cause people to need help with accessing veterinary care:

  • mental or physical health issues
  • loss of job / reduced income
  • family crisis 
  • domestic violence
  • major home damage – fire, flood…

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of an animal and a human!

News & Updates

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Animal Companions and People: Better Together

Animal companionship has proven benefits for physical health, mental health, children’s development, community engagement and
longterm stability.

Benefits include:

  • companionship
  • reduced loneliness
  • structure in one’s day
  • opportunity to meet people
  • increased exercise
  • unconditional affection
  • reduced stress 
  • boosted optimism
  • reduced depression
 A loyal friend by one’s side can be lifesaving.

Did You Know?



the approximate number of households in Ontario that both have an animal and live in poverty


of low income families who surrender their pets do so because they lack the funds to pay for veterinary care


of women experiencing domestic violence delay leaving a dangerous home because of concern for their pets

PAWS has been an active nonprofit in Southwest Ontario for 10+ years helping hundreds of people and their beloved animal companions. Now a registered charity!