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Creating a Better Life

For companion animals
and those who love them

Be a Pet-Friendly Agency

PAWS helps community agencies such as senior facilities and women’s, youth, and homeless shelters, integrate animal companions within their provided services.

PAWS helps people and pets when they need it most.

If Your Pet Needs Vet Care

PAWS subsidizes the costs of veterinary care so pet-owners can give the right care to their animal companions.

Step 1 – Read our Application Criteria – See if you Qualify

  • PAWS helps humans with sick or injured pets by subsidizing their treatment
  • PAWS enables people to do the right preventive pet care by subsidizing spays, neuters and vaccinations
  • PAWS helps people entering a hospital or facility by subsidizing the required vaccinations for their pets to be sheltered.
  • PAWS helps community agencies be more pet-friendly, offering tools and resources to assist clients.
PAWS helps people and pets

PAWS subsidizes vet care such as:

  • vaccinations
  • spays & neuters
  • blood tests and diagnostics
  • treatment for infections, injuries, blockages, minor surgery
  • other veterinarian-recommended treatments


IF You Meet the Criteria –
          Fill out the Application Form Online

OR – Download a fillable PAWS Service Application Form.  

Proof of Income is Required

  • Once you have completed the fillable PDF form, save the form and email it along with proof of income (dated within the last year) to

Happy Tales

Piper and Laurie

Like far-too-many partners fleeing domestic abuse, Laurie was afraid to leave her beloved 10 year-old canine companion Piper behind, even if it meant putting her own life in jeopardy by staying.

Samantha and Tippy

Trapped in a situation of constant domestic abuse, Samantha’s only moments of peace and hope came when she nuzzled Tippy’s furry head beneath her chin.

Andrew and Jax

Andrew didn’t want his financial situation to stop him from being a responsible pet owner and having his beloved canine companion Jax neutered.

What A Donation Does

Ontario families are facing terrible choices – Help us ensure that pets don’t have to be surrendered or euthanized for purely financial reasons.

Your donation to PAWS:

  • Keeps pets with families despite crisis and health issues, regardless of income level
  • Reduces surrenders of animals to shelters
  • Reduces medically unnecessary euthanasia
  • Reduces animal suffering and future cost by treating illness promptly
  • Reduces the number of unwanted births via proactive spay/neuters
  • Prevents spread of illness via preventive vaccinations

Why Do People Need Help With Pet Care?

Bad luck and circumstances such as
  • major cost of living increases, esp for food and housing
  • mental or physical health issues
  • loss of job / reduced income
  • family crisis or domestic violence
  • major home damage – fire, flood…

By helping those in poverty, mental distress or fleeing violence, we lift our entire community up.

boy in wheelchair with his pet. Business partners lift up communities

To Report Animal Abuse

Provincial Animal Welfare Services
1-833-926-4625 (toll free)

Stories, Events, and Info

Foster cat Samantha sitting on chair.
Feature Stories

Being a Cat Foster Parent

My family has had cats my whole life. A few of those cats have been skittish or shy, but they loved me so my family called me “The Cat Whisperer”. I’ve grown up loving cats and got my own first cat in 2019.

Read More »

Animal Companions and People: Better Together

FACT – there’s well-documented evidence of the benefit of pets for people including better physical health, mental health, children’s development, and active engagement in the community. 

  • companionship & reduced loneliness
  • structure in one’s day and an opportunity to meet people
  • increased exercise
  • reduced stress, boosted optimism and reduced depression

 A loving pet means the world to every pet owner!

Did you know?



the approximate number of households in Ontario that both have an animal and live in poverty


of low income families who surrender their pets do so because they lack the funds to pay for veterinary care


of women experiencing domestic violence delay leaving a dangerous home because of concern for their pets
PAWS has been an active nonprofit in Southwest Ontario for 10+ years helping hundreds of people and their beloved animal companions. Now a registered charity!

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