For companion animals


and those who love them

Pets and People: Better Together

Pets fill many lives with love, and bring proven physical and mental health benefits to children, adults, the vulnerable and the elderly. 

But circumstances such as loss of income, homelessness,  domestic violence, health problems and other issues can make caring for companion animals financially or logistically untenable, and this puts the most vulnerable in our community in an impossible position.

We believe companion animal suffering and surrender is avoidable, and with the help of our generous donors, we help provide pets with the care they need when their owners can’t.  We collaborate with clinics offering essential veterinary services, to subsidize the cost of necessary medical care for pets belonging to low-income and at-risk populations, and we coordinate with community agencies serving the most in-need, to ensure their clients have support to keep their companion animals safe and healthy.

Did You Know?



the approximate number of households in Ontario that both have an animal and live in poverty


of low income families who surrender their pets do so because they lack the funds to pay for veterinary care


of women experiencing domestic violence delay leaving a dangerous home because of concern for their pets