Become a PAWS Business Partner

Raise Awareness

Are you a small business owner and passionate about animal welfare? We are ambitiously working to subsidize veterinary care for pets belonging to low-income and at-risk owners across Southwest Ontario, and we need your help to support as many families as possible!

The benefits of companion animals are well proven. Communities recognize the positive impact on physical and mental health that derives from companion animals. Businesses who support initiaitves for companion animals are well-regarded in their community.

From following our social media pages, sharing our posts to your network, and inviting people to watch our videos, your business will be directly promoting awareness about PAWS to your customers and network of pet owners. Online visibility saves animal lives by ensuring our most vulnerable community members know about our life-saving programs, so their pets can get the help they need.   

Sponsor An Event

Do you own or run a business and want to create a better life for companion animals and those who love them across your community? Show your love and support for animal welfare by sponsoring a PAWS event. Our programs rely on charitable giving to provide access to life-saving medical care for companion animals, and even the smallest businesses can help us in this endeavour. If you believe suffering can and should be prevented, do something about it right now by contacting us at

Donate items for Fundraising Initiatives

Products that we can sell at our events or online auctions are a great way to support the cause. Contact us to discuss ideas for donations or co-branded items.

Partner with us to make a bigger difference

A PAWS Business Partner makes the most significant impact for local communities.  Business Partners enable us to plan for the future, expand our programs, reach more areas, and help people and their animal companions when and where they need it most. If you represent a business whose mission, or passion, aligns with ours, consider talking to us about a partnership.

Becoming a PAWS Business Partner is easy!

We can customize to suit your business, but here are two tiers of involvement ready to go now: Golden Retriever and Platinum Bulldog.

Tier 1: Golden Retrievers

(One-time donation up to $250.00)

Golden Retriever Partner benefits include: 

  • Social media cross-promotion and story highlights for your business. Our keen volunteers will work to uphold your business’ aesthetic and design and provide unique icons to use as covers. We can post across social media platforms to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Listing on our website Home Page (, so all PAWS followers, and members of the general public, see your business supporting a local, community welfare-focused organization. This listing can include your company’s basic information, personnel info, logo, mission statement, and a personal message from you. 

Tier 2: Platinum Bulldogs 

(One-time donations over $250.00 or recurring donations)

Platinum Bulldog benefits include: 

All the Golden Retriever benefits, plus: 

  • PAWS newsletters sent to our entire donor base highlighting your company’s sponsorship. Our experienced volunteers will work with you to ensure newsletters highlight your company in the ways you want, and according to your timeline. 
  • Sponsored social media posts with your company’s logo and name.
Contact us at and become a PAWS Business Partner today.

By highlighting responsible business owners working to end the suffering of animal companions and the people who love them, we will build a community of like-minded people who work to support each other.

Have an even BIGGER idea on how your business can support PAWS? Email us at, send us a Facebook message, or message us over Instagram with your idea on how we can save even more animal lives together.