Become a PAWS Business Partner

boy in wheelchair with his pet. Business partners lift up communities
Demonstrate your social corporate responsibility to your staff, community and consumers 

By supporting PAWS through a charitable business partnership, you will be helping people in your community and saving the lives of animals too!

PAWS is a completely volunteer-run organization helping in 3 key ways:

1) Subsidizing veterinary care for pets belonging to low-income and at-risk owners across Southwest Ontario,

2) Offering educational materials and advice to improve the welfare of companion animals, decrease the incidence and severity of untreated issues, and reduce the overall cost of pet ownership,

3) Supporting community agencies in creating pet-friendly solutions for their programs and shelters.

Why Partner with Us to Support Families in Your Community?

Business Partners enable us to plan for the future, expand our programs, reach more areas, and help people and their animal companions in your community when they need it most. 

In addition, a business partnership will:
 Demonstrate your compassion for the well-being of animals and the needs of low-income and at-risk pet owners
 Demonstrate your involvement in the community
 Increase your brand awareness and loyalty
 Add value to your company in the eyes of your customers
 Boost employee morale

Our programs serve urgent needs in your local community:
  • Access to vet care despite inadequate income. 
  • Mental health support by eliminating traumatic loss or inability to care for a pet due to crisis or financial reasons.
  • Solutions for pets of people entering shelter/hospital or fleeing violence

Our approach is to facilitate the right preventive care (spay, neuter, vaccinations, parasites..) as well as required medical treatments without delay. This reduces pressure on downstream resources such as rescues and animal control agencies, eases trauma and heartbreak for families and ensures much less suffering and possible euthanasia of pets.

If you represent a business whose mission, or passion, aligns with ours, consider talking to us about a partnership.

How To Partner With Us

1.Engage your Employees

  • Employer matching gift program- this is a great opportunity to show your staff you are invested in the cause and is an awesome way to motivate staff to give
  • Offer a payroll deductions program, where staff can give directly from
    their paycheque
  • Host your own company fund-raising event

2. Donate Items for Fundraising Initiatives
Items that we can sell at our events or online are a great way to support the cause. Contact us to discuss ideas for donations of items, in-kind services or co-branded items.

3. Business Sponsorship
Businesses that donate more than $2,000 will receive high visibility on the PAWS Website and at events.

4. Make a monetary gift on behalf of your company
Support PAWS today by making a corporate donation and receive a  charitable tax receipt for your gift. Make your secure corporate donation online now.
All our partners are acknowledged on the Website Donors page and in our monthly newsletter.

Contact Information:

To learn more about the PAWS’ employee engagement program, Business Sponsorship or to receive assistance arranging your gift, please contact us at 

By engaging responsible, community-minded business owners in publicly supporting reduced suffering of people and pets, we encourage others to pitch in too – That lifts up our entire community! 

Have other ideas on how you can support PAWS? Use the email above or send us a Facebook message


business partners bring public attention to issues