Happy Tales

Andrew and Jax

Andrew didn’t want his financial situation to stop him from being a responsible pet owner and having his beloved canine companion Jax neutered. Spaying and neutering your pet not only helps reduce the risk of unplanned litters, it also helps prevent many reproductive diseases in dogs and cats. Not having your animal spayed/neutered can also prevent you from finding places to board them during an emergency. Andrew reached out to PAWS to see if we could assist him to get this necessary surgery for Jax and we were grateful we could help. Here is Andrew’s response to us:

“Dear Susanne and team,

Jax’s surgery went amazing and he is home resting now. 

Jax and I would like to thank you so much for your help. He has been the best addition to my life, my best friend. Thanks to your generosity, I could get him neutered and focus on his other vet bills for this year. I am very grateful for your help and will pay it forward when I am in a better position to do so. 

Thank you again,

Jax and Andrew



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If you need help

PAWS subsidizes the costs of veterinary care for low-income and at-risk pet owners. If your pet needs vet care, please read the criteria to see if you qualify.