Happy Tales

Laurette and Chika

Chika is a beautiful 13 year-old ball of love who shares her living space with her favourite human Laurette. Laurette approached PAWS for some assistance to cover some much-needed dental work that would greatly improve Chika’s quality of life. Dental concerns are very common with older dogs and can even be fatal if the infection spreads or the pain stops them from being able to eat.

While she waited for Chika’s dental appointment, Laurette was lovingly stroking Chika and discovered a sizeable lump on her chest. Frantic, Laurette reached out to PAWS and asked if she could have the approved funds for the dental procedure reallocated to cover this sudden emergency. 


PAWS was able to find additional funds to have the lump examined and removed. It was determined that the lump was a mast cell tumour which can spread if not quickly removed. At the end of the day, Chika not only had the lump removed but her dental issues addressed. Laurette was so grateful she sent us the following message:

I would like to Say a big thank you to PAWS and all the volunteers that helped me with my little girl Chika. Because of PAWS assistance, I was able to get Chika into the vet a lot sooner to have her Mast cell  tumour removed from her breast .. I am so grateful for PAWS and all of the volunteers that helped me with Chika…Because of PAWS, Chika has many more years left  with me … And is healthier..and her dental concerns have been addressed.

Thank you ..Thank you for helping us during this rough time ..

Once again thank you to all the people that made this a dream come true ..

I can’t not say it enough …

Thank you ..So grateful.. we both are…xo

And Chika is recovering really well…Thank you”


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