Happy Tales

Piper and Laurie

Like far-too-many partners fleeing domestic abuse, Laurie was afraid to leave her beloved 10 year-old canine companion Piper behind, even if it meant putting her own life in jeopardy by staying. Eventually, Laurie learned of Anova and their mission to keep humans and their animal companions together. The only thing standing between them and safety, however, was the fact that Laurie had not been able to afford the spaying surgery for Piper. Anova contacted PAWS and we agreed to pay the costs of the spay. 

During a pre-surgery wellness examination, some concerns were found in Piper’s bloodwork that indicated that there was a potential major medical issue. PAWS was notified and agreed to pay for the more expensive diagnostic testing which uncovered a case of Cushing’s Disease. Once the diagnosis was received, PAWS helped Laurie understand the long-term implications of Cushing’s Disease and covered the costs of treatment to bring a sustained quality of life to Piper and facilitate the spaying surgery so that Laurie and Piper could continue to help each other heal from the trauma of a life marred by domestic abuse. Throughout the entire process Laurie felt supported and empowered to move forward with her courageous journey. 

Anova a women’s shelter in London Ontario, clearly understands the important relationship between a person in a vulnerable situation and their animal companion. With our assistance and support, Anova took the courageous step of making their facility friendly to animal companions. The safety of residents, staff and other animal companions is of the utmost importance to Anova, and like any other facility that accepts animals the condition for acceptance is that all animal companions must be spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated.


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PAWS subsidizes the costs of veterinary care for low-income and at-risk pet owners. If your pet needs vet care, please read the criteria to see if you qualify.