Our Programs

Essential Medical Fund

To support members of the public struggling to cover the cost of required, medically necessary veterinary care for their animals, this fund aims to subsidize veterinary-recommended medical care for animal companions in need.

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Preparation for Safety Fund

To enable families to remain safe and together over the long term, this fund supports those who are fleeing violence or are temporarily unable to care for their animal companions by subsidizing the cost of medical care, where this care is a prerequisite for the animal finding safety (as spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations and a base level of stable health are a requirement for any animal entering a shelter, foster care or kennel).

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Rescue Support Fund

As rescue groups struggle to cover the burden of veterinary costs for the animals in their care, this fund aims to be a place for urgent, medically necessary care that will save an animal’s life, and interventive care that will significantly improve an animal’s long term prospects.

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Access for Everyone Fund

PAWS aims to encourage access to essential veterinary care for all members of the public, and provide community agencies with the tools and resources to connect their clients with animal companions to the right services. Through partnerships with veterinary clinics and community agencies, PAWS aims to improve the welfare of animal companions across Ontario.

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If you have a need that does not fall into one of these programs, please send us an email at info@pawscanada.ca to see if there is still a way we can help, or if we can connect you with other resources.

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