Application Criteria

All applicants must complete an application form, and meet our application criteria, shown below.

Applications from Members of the Public:

Members of the public must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Applications from Community Agencies and Animal Welfare Groups

Rescue groups and animal welfare groups must meet the following criteria:

Community agencies must meet the following criteria:

If you or your client do not meet our qualification criteria, or your circumstances are not covered under any of our dedicated programs, but nevertheless believe you have exceptional circumstances that qualify you for help from PAWS to keep a companion animal safe and with its family, you may still request our help by emailing us at

Whilst PAWS is open to applications for all types of companion animals, the relative expense of veterinary care for exotic pets may mean that our per animal allowances fall short in these instances. It is PAWS’ intention to identify and work with exotic veterinary clinics to alleviate this issue, but we cannot guarantee veterinary coverage for any animal, nor can we guarantee that our per animal allowances will cover all of any given animal’s veterinary costs.

How to Apply


Download the PAWS Service Application Form.  Once you have completed the form, save and email it to