Essential Medical Care

This program offers subsidies to members of the public struggling to cover the cost of required, medically-necessary veterinary care for their animals, including spay, neuter, vaccinations and veterinary-recommended essential medical care that will significantly improve the quality of life of the animal.


Open to members of the public via direct request, or via request from their veterinary clinic or community agency. To qualify, applicants must meet our application criteria.

Allowances of up to $250 per animal for spay, neuter, prescriptions and vaccinations, and allowances of up to $400 for more involved medical procedures. Allowance covers maximum two animals per family per annum. All allowances are payable directly to the veterinary clinic upon receipt of invoice.  Payment will not be payable to the public to reimburse for already-incurred veterinary expenses. All allowances must be applied for and approved in advance of veterinary services occurring. 

In emergency situations, a veterinary clinic may contact PAWS directly to receive immediate confirmation that veterinary services costing up to $400 can proceed and will be covered by PAWS, without a formal application form in hand from the pet owner. The application form must be completed and submitted along with proof of income, within 24 hrs. after medical treatment has been provided.

PAWS cannot guarantee funding for any animal nor can we guarantee that our allowances will cover all of any given animal’s veterinary costs.