Preparation for Safety Fund

To enable families to remain safe and together over the long term, this fund supports those who are fleeing violence or are temporarily unable to care for their pets by subsidizing the cost of medical care, where this care is a prerequisite for the animal finding safety.

Spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations and a base level of stable health are a requirement for any animal entering a shelter, foster care or a kennel. This fund aims to help those fleeing any kind of violence by subsidizing the cost of these procedures, so that families may find safety together. 

This fund is open to requests from shelters, hospitals and other community agencies dealing with people in crisis, whose companion animals need veterinary services before they can enter a foster, shelter or kennel. They must meet the specified application criteria. 

For the long-term viability of this fund, there is a maximum allowance of $250 per animal for veterinary care. Only two animals per family per year can be covered. All allowances are payable directly to the veterinary clinic in question; no funds shall be payable to the public to reimburse for already-incurred expenses. All allowances must be applied for and approved in advance of services occurring. 

Covered by this Fund: