PAWS Programs

Income Too Low to Afford Vet Care?

Members of the public with inadequate income (per published Low-Income-Cutoff data) who are unable to afford the cost of required, medically necessary veterinary care can apply for a subsidy. PAWS allowances improve access to preventive and critically-needed vet care..

If you have a need that does not appear to be covered, send an email to to see if there is still a way we can help.

Entering a shelter? Fleeing Violence?

PAWS programs support those fleeing violence or temporarily unable to care for their animal companions by subsidizing the cost of veterinarian care that is a prerequisite for the animal finding safety. Spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations and a base level of stable health are a requirement for animals entering a shelter, foster care or kennel.

PAWS helps people in distress keep their pets – safe and healthy too!

Our Programs

Subsidy Allowances for Vet Care

PAWS programs fund needed pet care when people are desperately seeking a way to avoid losing a family pet to a shelter or euthanasia.


Focused on prevention with pet care advice aimed at improving the health and welfare of companion animals, decreasing the severity of future issues, and reducing the overall cost of pet ownership.

Community Agency Support

We offer guidance for community agencies to create pet-friendly solutions for their programs and shelters.

What We Cover / What We Don't

We Subsidize:
  • Preventive care such as spays, neuters, vaccinations, parasite controls
  • Essential and urgent medical care
  • Our Subsidy Allowances are:
    • Up to $150 for a cat’s preventive care (spay/neuter, vaccines)
    • Up to $350 for a dog’s preventive care (spay/neuter, vaccines)
    • Up to $400 per animal for diagnostics, essential and urgent medical care
We Don’t Cover:
  • Medically unnecessary procedures not for the benefit of the animal e.g. declaw, tail dock, etc.
  • Procedures that are not veterinarian-recommended
  • Applications from breeders or anyone convicted of animal cruelty. 

Through partnerships with veterinary clinics, community agencies, businesses and donors, PAWS aims to improve the welfare of people with animal companions across Southwest Ontario.