In an emergency - a veterinary clinic can contact PAWS directly at for quick review and confirmation of funding for emergency care.

Application Criteria

Areas we currently serve

We currently are able to serve 4 specific counties:

Middlesex, Brant, Hamilton, Waterloo

Application Criteria

Individuals must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Size of Family UnitLICO – 12 MonthsLICO – 6 Months
one person$28,217 $14,109
two persons$35,128 $17,564
three persons$43,187 $21,593
four persons$52,434 $26,217
five persons$59,470 $29,735
six persons$67,073 $33,536
seven persons$74,675 $37,337
If more than seven persons, for each additional person, add$7,602 $3,801


  • If your circumstances are not covered in our list, but you wish to make a case for an exception to help keep a companion animal safe and with its family, email us at
  • Whilst PAWS is open to applications for all types of companion animals, the relative expense of veterinary care for exotic pets will mean that our per animal allowances fall far short. 
  • We cannot guarantee a subsidy for any animal. Our allowances will seldom cover all costs.
  • Do your own research to find the right veterinarian clinic for your companion animal!
  • Not Covered:
    • Medically unnecessary procedures not for the benefit of the animal, eg declaw, tail dock, etc. 
    • Procedures that are not veterinarian-recommended for the animal’s quality of life.
    • Applications from breeders or anyone convicted of animal cruelty.
  • Every applicant must contribute a minimum (typically $25) towards the cost of care for each animal.
  • PAWS will subsidize up to $250 per animal for preventive care
  • PAWS will subsidize up to $400 per animal for urgent or essential medical care

How to Apply


Download a fillable PAWS Service Application Form.  
Once you have completed the fillable PDF form, save the form and email it along with proof of income (dated within the last year) to