Essential Medical Fund

To support members of the public struggling to cover the cost of required, medically necessary veterinary care for their animals, this fund aims to subsidize veterinary-recommended medical care for companion animals in need.

Addresses PAWS Strategic Objective #1: Provide funding to enable low-income citizens to afford vaccination, spay/neuters, and essential medical care for their companion animals. 

Funds for members of the public struggling to cover the cost of required veterinary care for their animals, including spay, neuter, vaccinations and veterinary-recommended essential medical care that will significantly improve the quality of life of the animal. 

Covered by this fund: 

  • Spays 
  • Neuters 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Emergency prescriptions 
  • Emergency surgeries 
  • Other veterinarian-recommended medical intervention 
  • Diagnostic tests required to identify and treat medical issues 

Open to members of the public via direct request, or via request from their veterinary clinic or community agency. To qualify, applicants must meet our application criteria (see below). 

Allowances of up to $250 per animal for spay, neuter, prescriptions and vaccinations, and allowances of up to $400 for more involved medical procedures. All allowances are payable directly to the veterinary clinic in question, no funds shall be payable to the public to reimburse for already-incurred veterinary expenses. All allowances must be applied for and approved in advance of veterinary services occurring.