Who We Are

Because the suffering of our animal companions is preventable.

Progressive Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) is a volunteer-based charity organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged and in-crisis people access veterinary care to keep their animal companions safe, healthy, and in their loving arms. We know that animal companions bring unconditional love and acceptance and proven physical and mental health benefits to children, adults, the vulnerable and the elderly.

Our programs support access to care such as vaccinations, spay/neuters, and essential medical care to significantly reduce suffering for humans and their companions. 

What We Do

Subsidize access to care for those who could not otherwise afford it.

Collaborate with veterinary clinics and animal welfare groups to offer services and solutions that might otherwise be unavailable.

Educate and support community agencies in offering their own pet-friendly solutions for human clients.

How We Are Different

PAWS approach is about about helping humans care for their animal companions despite unfortunate circumstances. We focus on keeping humans and their pets together whenever possible. 

Our focus is on Prevention, knowing the biggest impact comes from better access to care when it is needed most:

  • Spay/neuters to prevent unwanted births
  • Vaccinations that prevent disease spread
  • Treatment for dental, parasitic and other issues to prevent further deterioration
  • Emergency medical care to prevent continued suffering
  • Access to care that prevents the devastating impact of surrender or euthanasia for economic reasons
  • Support for community agencies to create pet-friendly solutions for their human clients

We hope that by keeping more pets safe and healthy at home, we also help prevent some of the pressure on overloaded rescues and shelters.

We are the only Ontario group directly accessible to the public with no stipulations other than need-based ones.

History of PAWS

In the beginning, PAWS was instrumental in making London Ontario a friendlier place for animals.

Progressive Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) was first formed in 2012 in collaboration with seven local animal welfare groups in response to an urgent need for a more ethical animal control model for the City of London. Due in large part to our members’ influence and advocacy, the City of London enacted numerous new animal welfare guidelines, partnerships with local rescues AND designated London as a “No Kill City”. The focus shifted from euthanasia to collaboration, adoption and treatment programs.

PAWS and City leaders understood that there was a real need to support those with animal companions in difficult times. 

PAWS then evolved into a non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of animal companions and their human families by facilitating access to affordable veterinary care and other support services. PAWS has been running as a non-profit in this capacity ever since and has successfully supported dozens of vulnerable families and animals in our community.

In 2019 PAWS set off to establish itself as a charity. After much paperwork and many COVID delays, we officially became a charity in 2022!

Location We currently collaborate with clinics and agencies across Southwest Ontario. With more community funding, PAWS’s intention is to eventually serve all Ontario communities. 

Areas currently served by PAWS Canada

Creating a better life for animal companions and those who love them.