PAWS Goals and Strategies

young girls petting a black cat, our strategies focus on people

Our strategies focus on human needs

People in troubled circumstances need their pets the most. Wrap-around care must include finding solutions for animal companions. 

  • Access to vet care despite inadequate income. 
  • Mental health support by getting needed care for a beloved pet, reducing suffering and trauma for the person and the pet.
  • Solutions for pets of people entering shelter or fleeing violence



Progressive Animal Welfare Services is dedicated to supporting the welfare of humans and their animal companions. We subsidize and improve access to veterinary care and offer solutions and education for people and community agencies. We aim to reduce suffering, overpopulation, and unnecessary euthanasia or surrender to shelters and animal control organizations.


Creating a better life for animal companions and those who love them.


People need pets. Animal companions bring proven benefits for human physical and mental health and are particularly valuable for those in-crisis or living with disabilities. By giving pet owners assistance during difficult times we help keep families together and lift the whole community

Our Programs

We help prevent downstream costs and issues, reducing the impact on animal shelters/rescues/communities of unwanted births, surrendered pets and spread of disease. 

  1. Subsidy Allowances for Vet Care Criteria for applicants is based on income and ability to pay. Subsidy limits are reassessed for all treatments annually.
  2. EducationWe help clients reduce the lifetime cost of pet ownership not just with preventive treatment but also with pet care advice shared in newsletters, blogs and social media.
  3. Community Agency support – we guide agencies to support their clients with pet-friendly solutions. 
PAWS Goals and Strategies, woman hugging her dog
Many people don’t understand the costs of owning a pet. Education is part of the solution. Subsidies for affordable care fill the gaps when circumstances require it. 

Strategies and Goals

  1. Outreach – Connect with people and agencies to expand awareness and access to programs. Guide agencies in pet-friendly practices.
  2. Focus – ensure programs target the most essential needs and gaps of the clients and communities we serve.
  3. Partnerships – Engage collaborative partners to expand impact.
  4. Sustainability – Develop resilient broad sources of funding and maintain low-cost operations to consistently offer programs.
  5. Volunteer Effectiveness – Recruit and grow a strong team equipped with effective tools.


An orange cat is receiving first aid care.

Our goal is to help more people in more communities via:

  1.  direct support from PAWS in SW Ontario
  2. new alliances and partners in other parts of Ontario
  3. a network of resources and sharing of information across all provinces

Measures of Success

2021-2023 are actuals. 2024-2025 are projections

Some highlights for 2023:

  • 110 pets were treated and 102 pet guardians were so relieved!
  • Average cost per pet has risen from $194 in 2021, to $290 in 2023, an increase of ~50%
  • Clients accessed our programs at 45 Veterinarian Clinics across the territory. 
  • 4 Counties were served (Middlesex, Brant, Hamilton, Region of Waterloo – a population base of 1.6 million)
  • 1 Pet-friendly Agency continues to thrive due to our support
  • 17 Community Agencies used our services to aid their clients 
  • See our Impact Reports